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Hello and Welcome to the first and as of yet only SasuKishi community here on Lj!

It's dedicated to the very much canon relationship between Kishimoto Masashi and his favorite character ever, Uchiha Sasuke. We don't claim that Kishimoto really has an unhealthy obsession with his charchters but the way he concentrates on Sasuke and getting Sasuke naked has taken our cracky minds captive.

Here you can post everything that has to do with this glorious and crazy couple, be it fanfiction, fanart, discussions or icons. General insanity is very much appreciated and welcomed in this community.

Community rules:

1) Stay on topic. If your post is offtopic but you see some SasuKishi there, show us where it is and justify its existence!
2) No flames! It's immature and impolite. Flamers will be fed to Shuukaku and then banned for life!
3) This community is obviously very-very-very yaoi friendly so if it's not your thing, why are you even here???
4) No character/author bashing! If you so want to insult anyone of them, please keep your insults funny and creative because that's the point of it all!
5) The main focus of this community is SasuKishi but this is also a place to discuss other Kishi pairings (involving his own characters, of course). Such content goes under the tag kishixother. Kishimotocest and Kishimoto SeishixUchiha Sasuke as well as threesomes are also acceptable.
6) Try to use the tags. It will be a lot easier for members to find specific things and keep the chaos to a minimum. If you think there is an important tag missing, just contact us and we will add it. (At least if we can see any sense in it.XD)
7) Have fun! XDD And while having it, please follow the rules, otherwise, we'll have no chance but to sacrifice you to our bloodthirsty cranky yaoi god!

Credit and contact:
The amazing, sparkling layout was done by artsatalex who pwns the world. If you have any questions or problems contact either istne_pieklo or industrialgirl1 and we will try to answer as soon as possible.

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